As a parent, it is obvious, you want the best for your children, but some things just slip through the cracks – and one of those things often is sunglasses that is must for your children to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays.

When you are out walking on a sunny day, you will notice most adults wearing a pair of sunglasses, but, surprisingly, not many children. Although it can be easy to give up on encouraging your kids to wear sunglasses, it is crucial for their eye health to make this a part of your “going out” routine. But, how can you get your munchkins to wear sunglasses?

 To help you succeed at this mammoth task, we have populated a list of tips that will surely help you succeed.

Don’t just be a Plain Old Role Model

This may seem unimportant, but your kids look up to you. If your son or daughter notices that you are wearing sunglasses on a daily basis, he or she just might want to wear them too! As children always want to follow the activities that you do normally, like daughters always want to copy their mother’s makeup. So it’s a great idea to make them wear sunglasses.

Let the little Fashionista Shine

To help give your little ones a sense of ownership, let them choose their own style, color and design of sunglasses from the specifications you provide. If they love them, they are more likely to wear them. Plus, involving them in the decision-making process gives them a sense of ownership, making them truly feel like their glasses are their own. With a full spectrum of styles and colors available, your children will be excited to wear their sunglasses each day.

Be the Keeper

To make sure that your child’s shades don’t get lost or broken, hold on to the sunglasses yourself. Plus, if you have them readily at hand, you will be more likely to remember to put them on your child whenever you’re both out in the sun.

Don’t ever Compromise on Quality

In addition to sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays, you should also buy shades with polycarbonate lenses. These sturdy lenses will better survive the wear and tear they will most likely receive when in the hands of your offspring.