Art Eternal

Two tear shaped Canary Diamonds

Additional 60 flawless, brilliant cut diamonds

Inspired by infinity theme symbolizing everlasting luxury.

Only 8 pieces made worldwide.

Atelier Collection


When the balance and beauty of clear lines meet luxurious materials and precision craftsmanship, the results are masterpieces of eyewear design: the Silhouette Atelier Collection. This collection is designed for passionate people who appreciate the finer things in life. Its timeless creations combine High Quality materials: exclusive diamonds, gemstones in various colours, exquisite woods, Natural Horn and Gold with meticulous craftsmanship.

The fusion of art and life was the underlying aspiration and philosophy of Austrian Art Nouveau. Ornamental elements transformed everyday objects into true works of art, yet they had a clear and harmonious design, never flamboyant or exaggerated.

Inspired by this epoch of purist elegance, the Silhouette Atelier Collection represents a contemporary expression of traditional craftsmanship. These subtle eyewear creations stand for noble understatement, yet make their wearers stand out from the crowd. Distinguished shapes and luxurious materials turn the models into timeless masterpieces, drawing on the style from days gone by and skilfully applying it to our present day.

Thanks to masterful craftsmanship from Austria and more than 50 years’ experience in manufacturing eyewear, it is possible to forge the spirit of those art epochs into unique, exquisitely modern items. A clear sign of this is the engraved family hallmark, which guarantees that each eyewear model originates from Silhouette, and bears witness to the passion for subtle design and attention to detail.